Anthony W. Phills
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Augmented Reality Exhibit

Documenting Black History in Augmented Reality (AR): A revolutionary and awe-inspiring learning experience was crafted by renowned designer Anthony W. Phills and music by Navid Lancaster. The premiere installation of “UNBREAKABLE” is the first AR tour that immerses visitors into an African's journey to antebellum America. It comes with two different options for experiencing it - one through Cudjoe Kazoola Lewis in-app and another on a Slaveholder Tour where they can select their own destinations throughout cities all over North America.

LOCATIONS: Alabama, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kentucky, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, San Francisco, Washington DC, Trinidad and Tobago

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Unbreakable Mobile App available in Apple App store today.
Photo by: Marlon Paul

“We wanted to leave the audience with new ways of thinking about educational content when it comes to engaging students,” Phillis said.

“One idea was to use other sensory inputs and interactivity for their learning experience not just be a book or film screening but feel like an event--something worth attending! Students have this powerful device 24/7 to empower them for the future.”.

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